technology and motherly bragging

I bought an Mp3 player today. I have been using Tom’s when I go to the gym and was getting tired of listening to his music picks.  I also wanted to be able to listen to my relaxation CD without being tied to my boombox. 

Needless to say, I relied on Michael to load my music and organize it into files. He explained how to access my music while I literally took notes.  I am pretty excited to use it for the first time.  It is 1gb and holds up to 250 songs.  I figure that is more than enough for the purpose I will use it for.

 I got a call from the Vice Principal at Emondre’s school today.  He generally doesn’t call to wish me well.  In other words I sat down and waited for the worst.  Unexpectedly, I was told what a great job that Tom and I are doing raising Emondre.  On Wednesday Emondre stuck up for a child that was being bullied and helped the child to go and tell the Vice Principal.  Later when the behavior continued, Emondre again came to the child’s defense and instead of showing bravado and trying to handle it himself he made the right decision to be a comfort and let the grown ups handle it.  To some, I may sound like a big bragger but in Emondre’s case he needs every good decision celebrated and that is what we plan to do by going out to dinner tonight.

Patrick also rose to an occasion this week by asking Tom what he should do if his friend is being hit by his Dad.  By disclosing what Patrick knew the principal at his school was able to further investigate, see evidence and make a report to the authorities.  Patrick also was a great comfort to his friend after the friend was interviewed for an hour by the St. Paul police.

So we get to celebrate our kids tonight, not because they got an A but because they did what Jesus would do.  Ok, I’m done bragging now.


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