dilemma solved

We had a huge scare with one of our Boston Terriers last evening.  Patrick found Lily knawing on a block of mouse poison that she had unearthed from the recesses of our bedroom.  From the looks of the remainder of the block, it appeared that she had injested quite a bit.  A quick call to the Vet and Tom was off to the drugstore to buy hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.  You wouldn’t think that an 18lb dog would have the ability to put up the fight that she did as soon as I started to force the peroxide down her throat with a syringe. 

Tom and I were covered with sweat and dog saliva before we were all done.  The peroxide did its job and within 5 minutes Lily had deposited her dinner along with a large  amount of mouse poison onto our boot mat.  We were confident that she had emptied her stomach thus avoiding taking her to the emergency vet hospital where we would have been headed if she hadn’t gotten sick within an hour of giving her the peroxide.   

A co-worker of Toms wasn’t so lucky and her dog ended up hooked up to IVs and almost died.  That would have been hard to explain to the kids. 

Lily is the dog on the right.  She doesn’t look too worse for the wear. 



I have taken a deep breath and jumped into the Florida trip.  As it turns out Betty is flying out on Wednesday evening which gives us an x-tra night.  I will have 4 nights and 3 days to forget the first flight before I have to fly home.  The consensus seems to be that some Pina Colada drinks should help facilitate my memory gaps.

Now that I have made the decision, I am getting very excited.  We are staying at the Westin in Hollywood Florida.  There are palm trees growing in the lobby.  It is luxurious to say the least.  I fear I will fit the part of the Midwestern girl out of my element as soon as I hit the doors.  Time to dig out the shorts and swimsuit.  I hear the mall calling me as we speak.


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