another day another dollar

This past August, I started a new job with a major health care provider in the Twin Cities.  I couldn’t wait to get out of the long-term care environment and move on to something more exciting.  I thought to myself, I’m finally going to have a real job, a respectable job.

My co-workers warned me that I would be bored and would miss the excitement.  Boy were they ever right.  Although I enjoy my new job, it is very slow paced.  Patients have to be referred into the program that I work in and at this time the volume of patients being referred is far below initial projections.  As a result, most days I am so bored that I want to cry.  A person can only do so much internet surfing in one day.

This pace could work to my advantage in the Fall when I hope to resume my education in the Masters of Social Work program at St. Kate’s.  At this point I am playing the waiting game wondering if I will be accepted into the program.  I also find myself wondering how long my job will exist.  In this economy employers generally don’t continue to support programs that are not earning any revenue which is a factor for the program in which I work.

To that end I find myself entering the world of long-term care once again, as I have accepted an 8 hour per week position in a small nursing home in Inver Grove Heights.  I want to cry when I think of giving up my two cherished days off per week, but at the same time look forward to a bit more money coming in each month.

Did I mention, I still have no heat in my kitchen.  My furnace woes of last week turned out to be frozen feed lines.  This is not going to be the cheap and quick fix that I was hoping for.  The Hinding furnace guy cut pipes to relieve the pressure hoping to prevent bursting and told me essentially to call him when the weather warms up.  Do you mean next week or next April, I asked.  Next week was his reply.  Oh good!  That x-tra money I was talking about is going to come in handy.

I guess I’ll get back to surfing the internet.  There certainly is no shortage of news these days.

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