I walked into the kitchen this morning and was immediately struck by the difference in temperature between it and the rest of the house.  With a crushing feeling, I felt the radiators and soon realized that  the furnace was not pumping water to this area of the house.

My first call was to my dear Tom to ask “did you notice that there is no heat in the kitchen?”  His response was “No, it felt warm to me.”  During 18 years of marriage I have come to realize that Men don’t notice changes in their surroundings in the same Women do.  I understand that I am making a sweeping generalization, however, I’m pretty sure that any scientific study worth its salt would back me up here.   It was I that first became aware that our house is inhabited by a colony of mice.  It was I that noticed the smell of natural gas coming from the outside meter and two weeks ago I noticed that the front of the house was not being fed by the glorious furnace.

In some ways I envy Men for their apparant lack of awareness.  I would love to look at mouse turds on my counter and assume that they were bits of an Oreo cookie.  I wouldn’t then feel compelled to spray my counters with bleach water daily and yell at my children for the 100th time to put a plate   under their food.  It I lived in unawareness, I woldn’t feel the nagging need to solve the problem.

But alas, my powers of observation are exquisite and as I result I will spend my  morning waiting for the furnace repairman instead of going to the gym.  As I wait I will try my best to  count my blessings that there is furnace to be fixed and natural gas to power it.

Regarding my previous post “where’s the air freshner,” my Son asked if “stinky boy” could come for a sleepover this weekend.  Ten guesses on what my answer was.


One thought on “Brrrr

  1. I’m sitting here u/a to sleep and shivering in our “cooled down for the night” house. I do hope you’re warm now!! Boo

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