What an interestng and unpredictable emotion grief is.  Two times in as many days I have found myself reduced to tears over the death of my Mother this past November.    This morning I was walking around the track of my local recreation center bawling my eyes out.  What a sight I must have been.  Thankfully no one was around to witness the spectacle.   My Mother-In-Law refers to these episodes as “trap door moments.”  What a perfect way to describe them.

The book club that I belong to has chosen to read The Secret Life of Bees, in which the main character is grieving the death of her Mother.  It is a book filled with both sorrow and joy that centers around the relationships of several Women who are intertwined through both blood and circumstances.  It seems a fitting book for me to be reading at this particular time in my life as it also centers on the hope of resurrection.  It also seems a fitting theme as we endure these last few months of Winter while yearning for Spring.

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