managing negativity

There is a child in my house for whom the glass is always half full.   It is very emotionally draining living with someone that is incapable of finding  joy.  My challenge is  finding  a way not to let his perception of events affect my experience.  Easier said than done.  We have a vacation coming up to Colorado this Summer.  As I anticipate the adventure, my  enthusiasm is dampened by the knowledge that nothing we do or say will be embraced.  If there is something to be found wrong with a situation, he will find it.  Can children use positive affirmations to reframe their perceptions and feelings about events?  As an adult it is easier to find the negative in a situation than the positive.  I may have to settle for using affirmations to reframe my response to his negativity.  In the end I can only control my own thoughts and feelings.

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