trying to figure this thing out

Ok,  so I’m trying to figure how to set up this blog while at the same time doing thirteen other things. I have been plagued recently with a vacuum that continually clogs.  We put in this carpeting from Home Depot last Spring and it is continuing to shed.  I’m not talking a few fibers here and there, I’m talking a bag full of fiber after every vacuuming.  I have gotten good at using a broom stick to push out the ick.  Usually, the root of the clog is some item that my son vacuumed up that was never intended to move smoothly through a hose.  Alas, I unclogged the hose and watched as my beautiful vacuum once again sucked up my dog’s hair and other particles from my carpeting.  If only all of life’s messes were so easily taken care of.  More on that topic next post.


One thought on “trying to figure this thing out

  1. Ok I am replying to myself how pathetic is that. Again, still trying to figure this whole thing out.

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